Cat Ba – Pearl Island in the North is a hot tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Being a separate island area, not adjacent to any district, many tourists are always curious about how to move from Hanoi airport to Cat Ba. Answer that question with the following article.

The distance from Cat Ba to Hanoi airport is about 180km. If you want to get to Cat Ba center, you have to go through many stages such as going over the sea to Cat Hai, taking a ferry or speedboat, so if you do not choose the appropriate means of transportation, it will be both inconvenient and costly.

This article will analyze the pros and cons of each vehicle so that you have the most appropriate choice. 

1. From Noi Bai airport to Cat Ba by bus

Currently, there are no passenger buses connecting 2 points Hanoi airport – Cat Ba. So if you want to take a bus to Cat Ba, you will have to change the bus several times. You must take a taxi or bus to the center of Hanoi, then go to the Hanoi bus station and catch a bus to Cat Ba for about 250,000/person/way. Also, when arriving at Dinh Vu, passengers have to change their cars to high-speed trains to arrive at Cai Vieng ferry (in Cat Ba), then take another bus to move to Cat Ba center.

This option will not be suitable for families or groups of friends because the ticket price per person will cost up. Moreover, your family will not be able to take the initiative and comfort in your schedule because when you reach Cat Ba, you will not have a car to move to specific destinations.

2. From Noi Bai to Cat Ba by train

Just like a bus, there is no train connecting between Noi Bai and Cat Ba, and you have to go through many trips to and from Cat Ba center. Besides, when you come to Cat Ba, you will have to spend a large amount of money to hire a taxi to go to specific destinations because the distance between these points is not short.

3. From Noi Bai airport to Cat Ba by self-driving car

With self-driving cars, you can save a lot of costs compared to two forms of passenger car and train, because you will not need to hire a taxi for long distances on Cat Ba land. The renting price is also very cheap, only from 600,000VND/day. Moreover, you can have an active schedule and comfortable space for your trip, especially with the route from Hanoi to Cat Ba, you will have to cross the ferry.

Note: You should choose the self-drive car rental companies which offer the airport delivery service to save money and most convenient.

4. Ride a motorbike from Noi Bai to Cat Ba

If you go with friends and want to have fun experiences on this road, you can ride a motorbike. Like self-driving cars, motorcycles provide freedom and initiative as well as cost savings. However, the distance from Hanoi to Cat Ba is quite far (nearly 200km), so be well prepared for your trip to have a safe and fun experiences.

Above are the vehicles from Noi Bai airport to Cat Ba island. Have a nice trip!

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