Traveling by plane is becoming a trend in a modern society. However, common problems such as flight delays, too long check-in time, expensive food makes many people have to consider … To help customers have interesting flights, we would like to suggest some delicious food at Hanoi airport and the places to enjoy in the article below.

1. Breakfast + lunch set

Many customers commented that Noi Bai airport food is not good, the price is not reasonable, but you should try the Green restaurant, surely this place will not make you disappointed. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of Green Hotel. It is the most famous dining place near Noi Bai airport, specializing in the morning, afternoon and evening for customers with affordable prices.

Moreover, there is also a free incentive program to support check-in for customers traveling in groups.

  • Address: Cienco 4 Gate, opposite to Noi Bai Airport VIP lounge
  • Reference price: Breakfast includes noodles, Pho (a good Hanoi airport food), only from 30,000 VND/set, lunch sets only from VND 100,000 for 7-course menu set including dessert fruits.

2. Asian – European dishes, vegetarian dishes, Halad dishes

Reasonable price, clean and airy space, diverse menu, including vegetarian, Asian – European and Halad dishes for Muslims, customers can enjoy a good meal right at Confetti at Noi Bai airport. According to customer reviews, especially gourmets, this is considered an ideal stop for guests who want to rest while waiting for flight time with relatives, family, friends. 

  • Address: 2nd floor, terminal T2, Noi Bai airport

3. Hong Kong food

Are you a fan of Hong Kong food? If so, we recommend that you do not miss Hai Cang restaurant. This is a restaurant serving Hong Kong dishes with extremely unique and unforgettable flavors. In addition, if you do not like Hong Kong dishes, you can also enjoy traditional Hanoi domestic airport food, such as Pho, rice in the clay pot,…

4. Northwest mountainous region food

No need to go far, you and your family can also enjoy the specialties of the Northwest mountainous region right at Noi Bai airport. Pho Nui restaurant is the most ideal choice for you. The dishes you should try at Pho Nui include pork, tortoise, camel and some kinds of seafood. With an extremely large area (nearly 6000m2), including a large lobby and modern VIP rooms, convenient parking area, Pho Nui Restaurant can serve for a large number of customers up to 1000 people.

  • Address: 82 Road 2, Phu Minh, Noi Bai Airport

5. Meat, chicken and fish dishes

If you do not want to enjoy noodles, pho, Hong Kong dishes or Northwest specialties, you can taste dishes from pork, chicken, fish… at The Gioi Nghieng restaurant. Located at a prime location near Noi Bai airport, this is considered one of the ideal destinations for customers after long flights or preparing for business trips away from home. The restaurant space is designed in the traditional style. The menu is varied and abundant, coming from skilled chefs with many years of experience in Vietnam. The Gioi Nghieng restaurant promises to make all customers satisfied, even the most demanding customers.

  • Address: 235 Cau Den, Quang Tien, Noi Bai

Above is some Hanoi international airport food you should try in Noi Bai. Wish you have a great experience!

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