In the North, Noi Bai International Airport is the most famous one while in the South, we can’t ignore Tan Son Nhat Airport. This is considered a critical intersection of domestic and foreign tourism, so many passengers gather here, come and go every hour. Especially, the demand for this Ho Chi Minh airport taxi is always high, due to the outstanding advantages that it brings compared to other types of transportation.

Taxi Ho Chi Minh airport fare

Passengers can take a taxi in the taxi waiting area at Tan Son Nhat airport. Some reputable taxi companies here are Vinasun, Mailinh, Vinataxi, etc. Taxi price from Tan Son Nhat to the central areas of Ho Chi Minh City is about 150,000 VND.

VinaSun Taxi 

 Price of the first 0.5 kmPrice of the following KmPrice from 31st Km
Taxi Vios (5-seat)11.000 VND14.500 VND11.600 VND
Taxi Innova J (7-seat)11.000 VND15.500 VND13.600 VND
Taxi Innova G (7-seat)12.000 VND16.500 VND14.600 VND

Mai Linh Taxi 

 Price of the first 0.5 kmPrice of the following KmPrice from 31st Km
Taxi Kia Morning, Hyundai i 10 (4-seat)5.000 VND13.900 VND11.600 VND
Taxi H. Verna, Vios, N. Sunny (5-seat)5.000 VND15.100 VND12.000 VND
Taxi Innova G, Inova E, Innova J – 2014 (7-seat)5.000 VND17.000 VND14.600 VND
Waiting time45.000 VND/h45.000 VND/h45.000 VND/h


 Price of the first 0.5 km)Price of the following KmPrice from 31st Km
Taxi Vios (5-seat)8.000 VND14.500 VND11.000 VND
Taxi Innova G (7-seat)9.000 VND16.000 VND12.000 VND
Taxi Innova E + J-2015 (7-seat)9.000 VND16.500 VND12.500 VND
Waiting time 45.000 VND/h45.000 VND/h45.000 VND/h

This type of transportation has the advantage of being fast, convenient, and proactive in time.

However, there are also disadvantages. If the passengers do not know the cost in advance, sometimes taxi drivers will go around getting more money, or cheating on the odometer. Sometimes the passengers have to wait for a long time because of overload.

Notes when selecting airport taxis

Some important notes when choosing Tan Son Nhat airport taxi are:

For trips at night or early in the morning, you should book your car at least half a day or 1 day in advance. Although taxis are operating 24/24, not all drivers are ready to move at that time. Moreover, preparing vehicles in advance also helps you feel secure.

Usually, after a successful booking, you will receive an SMS and an email about taxi information to the phone number and email address you provide. Please pay attention to the phone and confirm to avoid falling into the most nonsensical situation.

At least 1 hour before departure, you should check your luggage, departure time from the plane, and the taxi driver’s phone to not waste time returning to the starting point just because you forgot your things.

Good luck!

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